About Us

"Sloppy Inks" is a term typically referring to the inking process of writing a comic book or graphic novel.  At Sloppy Inks, we love everything inspired by the various mediums that begin with a sketch, a storyboard, a panel, and more.  As the books that molded us into who we are today start to move on screen or reborn in another media, so to have the various products inspired or adorned with these amazgin characters.

Whether you're niche is 90s cartoons, manga, gaming, or super heroes; Sloppy Inks enables our customers to let their geek flag fly with an ever expanding selection of apparel and merchandise inspired by the books, cartoons, movies, and fandoms that have made us who we are.  Whether you are a repeat customer or this is your first visit, we hope you find something in our various collections that brings you a bit of nostalgia that you can wear or use as a badge of honor.  We promise to keep our prices affordable, and our selection constantly growing, if you have any suggestions on items you'd like to see us offer please Contact Us.

Thank you sincerely for taking your time to check us out!

Hey Streamers and Influencers

Are you an Influencer?  Do you stream your gaming, creative projects, or have a pod/vodcast related to what we sell?  If you enjoy our product offering and would like to help get the word out about Sloppy Inks, please Contact Us so we can discuss opportunities for cross promotion.  We'd love to help you grow your viewer base as well!